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We would like to thank everyone for checking out this project, and appreciate all of the early feedback.

Sam and I are working on getting this project (more correctly, collection of projects) working as soon as possible.

We encourage open and honest feedback, but keep a few things in mind:

1. We have full time positions at Neudesic. We pour our hearts into this company, and it is our primary interest.
2. This project is a work in process. It will under go multiple, multiple refactorings!
3. We will provide a document that summarizes our software architecture decisions.
4/ We understand, respect, and most importantly appreciate that there are many ways to do DDD. This is

This is a working demo of end-to-end Ordering, Purchasing and Shipping WCF Service applications along with their Service Interface Layer, Business Entity Layer, NHibernate Repository and NUnit tests. This was used for the NJ User Groups, and Chicago.

We did not want to make it "just another MSDN demo." We wanted to reflect what we knew to be good patterns and practices. So to that end, the code:

1. Uses the Layer Architecture pattern with a Service Layer Pattern, Business/Domain Layer and a Resource Layer
2. Service Adapter Pattern with Translator pattern to translate between Data Contracts and Business Entity
3. Domain layer using Evans Entities, Repositories, and Factories
4. O/RM using NHibernate
5. Reference solution and project layout in Visual Studio for these type of projects
5. NUnit tests

Requires directory C:\neudesic.Source for now
You have to configure the config files for your database
You have to run the SQL scripts to create the database
Requires Visual Studio 2005
Requires SQL Server 2005
Requires .NET Framework 3

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